Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Things I Didn't Know But Do Now

I was wrong.....

In my experience (really just Noah and Miller) siblings don't look too much a like at birth. I was wrong! Look at my newest little nephew Rhys!

Born yesterday! Isn't he cute? Happiest of birth days to you sweet one. Love you little buddy, welcome to the family. You are already so very loved! 

Now look at his big sis Aubrey Kate. Striking resemblance! Definitely related. Unlike these two. 

Did you know......

....that Pearl Garden on 69 has Hokkaido's ginger salad and shrimp sauce??? All this time in agony dreaming of that salad and sauce only to find it is still out there a month before the reopening of my favorite restaurant? (In fact September will mark the re opening of the Trifecta of missing restaurants after the tornad: Krispy Kreme, Full Moon and Hokkaido) All this talk of Hokkaido reminds me of my sweet friends Jana, Dan, Dusti and Thomas. We ate there a lot together before this thing called the two in daycare budget. Dusti and Thomas just welcomed their second little one into the world and I have to sneak in a picture of sweet little Mason I took. (Who also looks a lot like his big sister)

....the the Children's Hands on Museum has a third floor with face painting, lego room, karaoke, and ski ball? Neither did I . After four years of visits and one summer pass. Adam finds it on his first visit. He's cool like that.

....I am teaching reading classes in the fall? I recently found this out for sure myself and I am super excited. I really want a little reading nook. Nothing too elaborate since I am still doing history as well and I teach high school. Nothing too cutesy. So if anyone sees any high school reading nook appropriate things on sale please let me know!

..... that some cable networks like TNT have caught on to this online episodes for free thing and now require a code from your cable company. So my "we don't need cable" attitude of the spring is down the drain because I'd really like to see the Closer and So You Think You Can Dance. amazing Revlon Lip Butter is? The perfect creation for me. Great colors, soft like lip gloss but not sticky and sheer so it isn't too much. Just thought I'd share. Darby pinned them on Pinterest. And I have never regretted trying anything she suggested.

....lots of things you wouldn't think have carbs, do. I am attempting to low carb it except for the weekends I get to cheat a little. How many carbs do you think shrimp sauce has?

....that if you are placing pictures in the story of your blog (which I rarely do because it frustrates me so) you can simply hit enter to get the cursor right where you want the picture right where you want it and it will put it there? I feel dumb for fighting with my pictures all the time now. Most you probably knew that, but just in case you didn't....

Okay just a random list of things I have recently been enlightened about!

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Dad said...

Just a thought on no cable -we've watched the Closer with no commericals for years now, usually about a year later than episodes were on TV, but who cares unless you are standing around the watercooler discussing last nights episode or in your case the teachers' lounge.