Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Panic Mode

I had a really down in the dumps weekend. Accidentally looked at a calendar and saw that there are just three weeks before I report back to school. Then I thought about the fact none of the cool things I wanted to do with the boys were done. None of the creative DIY house projects were done. None of the organizational things were done. And I was tired. From cleaning the same thing over and over, of watching Dinosaur Train, disciplining, laundry, and of being mad at myself for being so lazy. Just a real pity party. The boys and Adam were invited. So I did what I normally do in these moods, after the party I shifted gears and decided to do a blitz of cool things for the boys. (Maybe the organizational projects will be next.) Yesterday we did the baking soda and food coloring colored vinegar with eye droppers making little volcanoes. Noah got out his Professor Science glasses. He really enjoyed it. So did Miller. He just had to get in on the action. And then mess ensued. Then I made three casseroles for the freezer. After nap Noah and I made Kool Aid playdough and made a volcano out of it and used our baking soda and vinegar skills to make it erupt. Noah thought this was just about awesome. He couldn't wait to show Brooke. After all the cool Pinterest inspired activities his favorite thing about the day (when asked at dinner) was playing in the sandbox with Brooke. Lesson learned. He doesn't need cool activities to be happy and have a good time. Although he did enjoy them, he just wants to play, which he has been doing all summer. That is what he will remember. A summer full of play. And maybe his little heart will remember the hours poured into him through fun things we do but also through the tedious but eternally rewarding task of shaping him through correction, discipline, and love. Does the Lord tire of my whining and disobedience? So thankful for His patience and his unwavering love! 

Professor Science.

"Let me at it"

Making a mess

Getting into the mess

Cleaning up from the mess. 

Volcano making


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Anonymous said...

I hate that feeling and do understand. Good lesson from Noah. Enjoy these days! Love, MIL