Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Instagramming

A few weeks ago I joined Instagram. I did it to participate in the awesome website devotional community known as She Read Truth, badge on the right. I love both of them. Instagram and She Reads Truth. I don;t have an iPhone so I think Instagram might be just a tad cooler on an iPhone than an iPad but it is still fun. I needed Instagram to post #shreadstruth pictures of my daily devotions. Basically She Reads Truth is a bit of community discussion, pictures, and accountability for women who want to dig into the Word of God on a daily basis and memorize some scripture along the way. We follow a reading plan on the YouVersion App. They have completed three and I am on my second. Everyday you read in the plan and journal about it. Snap a picture and Instagram. On the blog there is occasional posts of insigt, Tuesday's Truth (verse to memorize) and a link up on Fridays about what God is doing through the scripture read that week. I really enjoy it. The reading plan has been great, exactly what I need to hear and everyone is really supportive. I don't comment much on the posts but it good to read every once in a while what other Christian women infer from the same scripture. One of my favorite parts is that each Tuesday people create backgrounds/lockscreens for phones or computer desktops with the weekly memory verse. I love having that on my iPad all day as a reminder and hopefully when I am back to my school year routine a bit of a conversation starter! I wanted to share about She Reads Truth in case it might be just the thing you are looking for. This was one of the backgrounds created for the Weekly Truth this week.


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