Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Professor Science

Noah created a character the other day.....Professor Science. He wears plastic yellow glasses and in his own words Professor Science "picks up, learns stuff, and even goes to school."  He also waves his finger in the air and says "Science!"  I adore Noah's imagination and curiosity. Today in the car driving in the rain on our errands Noah says... "What do bees do in the rain? What about butterflies? "
Sometimes to these questions I make up educated guess answers. Or simply say I'm not sure but we can find out!? Sometimes Noah has his own hypothesis (a word which he knows the definition for, thank you Dinosaur Train) like today. "I think they use their big wings to cover their little bodies and keep them dry." I think God smiles big at his hypothesis too. Who wouldn't. Noah is shedding is little boy habits for big kid ones. It leaves me both excited and sad. My neighbor said yesterday while Brooke and Noah were playing in the rain.." thirteen months until the go to Kindergarten."  Wow. That simple countdown floored me. But inside I am both ready and terrified and sad. Noah will thrive in school. At least to start. His thirst for new information will serve him well. At the same time it is one more step into the world that I become more and more afraid will eat my little baby alive. It is another exercise in faith and trust. God has a plan for my not so much a baby anymore boy. And it isn't to stay in his backyard playing in the sandbox or in his room with the cars. It is to be His ambassador. To love. I hope I can loosen my grip enough for him to do that.

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