Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Good Summer Day

Today I got a text message that stole my last two days of summer. Mandatory meetings next Thursday and Friday. My last two days with the boys. I am trying to take it in stride. It is a good thing we had such a sweet day yesterday. It was such a good summer day.

Miller's "I'm a Cute Stinker and I Know it" Face
Woke up early before the boys and got in a workout, devotional and shower with breakfast on the table before they woke up. Cleaned up a little bit. Miller had a intervention session. Then we headed to CHOM to meet Mimi and Xander. The cousins had a blast exploring the museum. We had lunch at Moe's and then frozen yogurt at Sweet CeCe's.

During naps I did a little switcheroo with some curtains getting ready to really get to work on the playroom redo. Miller was introduced to the booster seat.

Booster Seat

Talking to all his friends

What Noah does when the camera comes out

All good days require good clean up.
After naps we played outside until the sun went down. Stopping only for some spaghetti. It was just one of those normal but good days. The kind I adore. I am so thankful for the summer and the time to love on my little ones.

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Anonymous said...

Percious days! Love you all.