Monday, July 2, 2012

The Summer Uniform

I have decided that I would definitely rather be cold than hot. You can take a hot bath or wrap up in some quilts and sweaters but there is only so much you can take off. Unless you are Miller. Then you can run around in your diaper. And look pretty cute doing it. The diaper is his summer uniform. He is so wonderfully messy he goes through three or so outfits before I give up and leave him in the diaper. Some days that is at four o'clock or nine am. 

It is really hard to believe that this little one is about to turn two. Miller is something else. Completely different from his brother in delightful and trying ways. Sometimes I find myself wishing that what worked to solve Noah's toddler issues would also work magic on Miller but where would the fun be ? As much as Noah brought me closer to the Lord as I clung to Him in the  confusion, joy, pressure, exhaustion and fun I found in the newness of motherhood Miller has multiplied. He adds new dimension to our family. His joy is contagious and his laughter is such a beautiful sound. We would not be the same without him. When I watch him play or hold him close as I rock him before bed I think about how fleeting these days are and how next summer he will be so different. I treasure the diaper. In all its summer cuteness and practicality. 


Mimi said...

How very, very sweet. Messy, but definitely SWEET!

Laudan said...

Love it! He is adorable!