Monday, July 2, 2012

The Giant Sandbox

Noah and I are spoiled. Very much so. Somehow we talked Papa into building us a giant sandbox. Unfortunately the weekend that worked out best for everyone turned into the hottest day of 2012. But we had the sand and gravel dumped into our driveway the day before and there was no backing out. The sandbox was built in twenty minute increments with water and air conditioning breaks in between. Papa, Adam, and Nick (Aunt Emy's boyfriend) worked hard and Em and Mom and I pitched in for filling time. The result is a giant sandbox and hours and hours of fun in the sand. The boys already love it. It is the start of a new super fun backyard for the boys. Yesterday evening I sat out there in my Adirondack chair with my feet in the sand, my book, and cup of tea. Almost like the beach. I might find an ocean soundtrack on Pandora and pretend :) Come join us in the sand!

The hardest part was getting the stakes in to hold it all in place! 

Pile of sand in the driveway. Noah loved seeing the dumptruck come and dump it! 

The men hard at work! 

Emily and Nick drilling a hole. We loved getting to meet Nick and look forward to one day making him a member of the family :)

Sand toys. Some are not ours.... Can you guess which one?

Sand is good for your hair, right? 

Noah got right to work. He's building a hotel for all our neighbors to live in. 

Jumping in! 

Loading it up. 
This morning before it got too hot Miller entertained himself for an hour at his beach. And that is worth that sandbox in gold! Thank you Papa, Mimi, Emy, Nick, and Adam!!!! Our summer just got way more fun!

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