Friday, June 29, 2012

The Play Date

In the sixth grade I became friends with a group of girls that would make my life better in so many ways. In the twenty year friendship we have learned to drive, conquered AP classes, made hundreds of batches of brownies and cookies, had broken hearts, graduated, roomed together, pulled all nighters,  gotten married, moved away and had fourteen children! We have made so many memories I can not begin to recount them here. The encouragement, friendship, advice and love I have received from these girls (now women) I value so very much.  They really have made me a better person. Tonight I am recalling two stories in particular. One walking to Laudan's during a "blizard" to deliberately get stuck there with my friends. The second is the night I threw a birthday party in our duplex for a friend (that Megan and Laudan didn't know) for the sole purpose of getting my crush (Adam) to my house so I could get to know him. I remember dissecting the happenings of the party with them afterwards. I like to think that was an instrumental night to Adam and I getting together. Anyways.... in the past several months we have all made a greater effort to get together on a more regular basis. We get together for dinner and this week we got the kids together for a playdate (We did miss Kathryn and Louis!). Megan hosted us in Cullman and the kids had a great time on the water slide and tearing her house apart :) We attempted to get a group shot of the thirteen of them all together. They are a cute bunch! We hope to do it again soon. The day fulfilled a middle school dream....that we would be friends forever and that our children would be friends too. Cheesy. But true!

Water play! 

Looks like they are being so sweet.....

Noah kept to himself for the first little bit. But he warmed up! He isn't usually shy, I enjoyed watching him feel it out  and jumping in. 

Macey keeps cool. 

These are the three oldest and the three youngest. 

Just about everyone! 

These two are such sweet friends! 


Katharyn said...

Loved this post! Looks like y'all had a ton of fun!! Louis and I will have to make the next one!

Anonymous said...

How precious! The special memories of summer! So glad you got to be with friends.
Love, MIL

Laudan said...

We had so much fun! You took some great pictures :-) I'm so glad we have started getting together more often! I loved seeing your sweet boys!! We definitely need to do it again soon.

The Apel Family said...

I love this post! I had so much fun having everyone up to my house. :)