Monday, July 9, 2012

The Fourth Day in July

Dear America,
Happy Birthday! I wanted to feel more cheer in celebrating you last week.I really did.  But I was more heavy hearted when reflecting on your birthday. I thought about my grandparents and what their America looked like and what America will look like when my boys are in their thirties. And then I started to pray. I prayed for peace.  I prayed for your leaders. I prayed for your people. I prayed for the hurting, the poor, the hungry, the rich, the powerful, the hard workers, the desperate, the hopeful, the hopeless and for me. And as I ate my ribs and BBQ I wondered if my grandfather and other veterans in heaven can see what you have become and wondered if they regret their sacrifice or feel bitter about how I have squandered my freedom in worthless pursuit of "more". But then I thought of course not. They are in heaven. In perfection.  As I rallied my little family of four to watch the fireworks in your honor downtown I prayed that I would be able to teach them of your goodness, of the strength of America. I pray they do not become jaded. I pray they appreciate what you you really are. And what freedom really means.  The fireworks show touched my heart and as I held my four year old in my lap and watched the wonderment on his face I thanked God for you. For America. And for being American. And for the fact that there are still plenty of things to be proud of here. And for the chance another year gives me to be a better American and to make you a better place for my boys. And I know that there were many millions of hearts echoing the same thoughts around country as we celebrated.
Noah excited for fireworks. Even though every year he gets scared and cries and wants to leave. This year though was different. He was over his fear and sat in my lap and really enjoyed it!!! I was so thankful!  
My boys in blue! 

Climbing in the car was as much fun as the fireworks. 

Happy Fourth! 

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Anonymous said...

I agree, we pray for all our children as we watch America change.
Love, MIL