Monday, May 7, 2012

The Word Explosion

The little man has had a word explosion! I am thrilled. Since his tubes he has been adding more and more words but in the last week he has really taken off. I am so excited. We are up to eighteen. I am going to list them. Sorry. It is more for me to remember since I feel like everyday I am losing memory and brainpower.
2. Dada
3. Bye Bye
4. Spikes
5. Uh Oh
6. Oww
7. No No
8. Gus
10.Nana (used for banana, although we trying to push it for Nana too!)
11. Go go!
12. Night night
13. Eat, eat
14. E e. (Miss Elizabeth)
15. More
16. Mine
17. Added tonight- Cheese (for the camera)
18. Added tonight- Choo Choo
Sounds- Moo, Woof, Vroom, Roar

I am much less worried as I see him communicate with us more and more.

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