Monday, May 7, 2012

The T Ball Update

Action shot.

Good game. Good game. 

Go Red Rockets! 

Miller and his buddy. 

Number 4. Cutest one out there ;)
I think there is nothing more adorable than Noah in his T Ball uniform. I have taken about a million and one pictures of him in it. I'm glad because this may be his one and only season. At dinner we play happy/sad. Each person picks the happiest and saddest thing about their day.  Saturday Noah said his sad thing was playing T ball. Oh how sad. So T ball has lost its luster and appeal. It is too soon to say whether it will reappear before next season. My guess is because it was 86 degrees at his nine am game last week. Or that an hour game cuts into playing cars or struction (what Noah calls digging holes and making stuff out of my non existent flower beds). He did mention wanting to play soccer. We might give that a try in the fall. Although I am not sure a soccer uniform is as adorable as a T ball uniform. I am willing to try different things until he finds his niche. The hard part will be not putting any pressure on his choices. I have enjoyed our little league. It is a great no pressure start for little ones. They don't even mind when Miller runs through the game ;) Two more games to go.

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