Monday, May 7, 2012

The Program

Noah finds me and the camera. 

Miller's class of one year olds doing Old McDonald. 

Miss Brooke

One last parting shot for mom. 

Family picture afterwards. 

Brotherly love?

Nana, Puddin, and the boys. 
Mimi and her little boys. 
Yesterday was the End of the Year Program at the boys' school. A bit before the end of the year. But still adorable and sweet. Miller had his first time stage and did much better than expected. Just sat back and chilled as he watched all the people. I would have been curious to be inside his little brain. Noah was Noah. On stage. In and out of attention but plenty of personality in all the right spots. And he dances like his Daddy. Minimal movement. My neighbor and I exchanged laughs and sad looks across the auditorium. Next year Brooke and Noah will be "graduating". I am not a huge fan of the Preschool Graduation idea. But be prepared there will be some sappy sentimental posts and some tears involved for sure. Seems like yesterday Ms. Betty was rocking Noah and B and the were just little bitsy babies. And Noah always had bed head and I never knew. Because Ms. Betty had a special brush just for Noah. Regardless it was a great school year for both boys. Noah really drinks up learning. I love that.

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