Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Miller Update

Hard to believe but Miller is twenty months old. It is hard to imagine life without him in our family. In the past few months he has added a few more words. Not many but a few. He says night night. And uh oh. Sometimes he will say Noah and up. But his mainstays are Mama! Dada! Bye Bye. He calls roll in the car. We continue to keep him facing rear. Only four more months to go. He constantly calls us "Mama? Dada?" Until we answer him. Over and over. He just needs reassurance that we are there and listening. He loves to help out. For example he loves to put away laundry. Particularly Noah's underwear. He will even put them away and get them out again to put them away again. This week he has been under the weather with a high fever and eye infection. He is the opposite of Noah when sick. Still. And snuggly.

He continues to have a either or personality. Joyful ,full of light or upset and crying. He doesn't really respond to discipline at all. But he will discipline himself just about every time he comes near a wooden spoon. He'll tap his little hand and say. "No, no." Time out is paticulary ineffective. He doesn't mind one bit. He does mind when Noah gets in trouble. If Noah gets put in time and cries so will Miller. And the few times Noah gets spanked I think it hurts Miller more. He turns into a barnacle around five p.m. everyday. He must be held. I have tried cooking and such one handed. Sometimes I just set him down and ignore the cries and pulling at my clothing. But he is just so pitiful. Don't tell but sometimes I resort to a cookie. He loves his brother, immensely. I can already tell how much he looks up to Noah. He also loves water play, Gus the giraffe and Spikes the lovie. He like reading stories and to be tickled!

We love him. And we look forward to continuing to watch him grow and see his personality develop more and more.


HB said...

(I'm reading out of order)I LOVE Miller's outfit....and his pretty blond hair. I love that they favor so much, yet look so different (if that makes any sense at all).

Laudan said...

Such sweet pictures :-) I love the update!!

Anonymous said...

We adore Miller too! I love that happy smile.
Nana and Puddin