Friday, April 13, 2012

The Easter Festivities

Easter is so meaningful to me and such a precious time in my heart. I really want to communicate that to the boys. Growing up in an Episcopal Church I have many fond memories of Ash Wednesday, Foot washing and Good Friday Services. Now as a Baptist I miss those
things. I want to establish meaningful traditions with the boys to put more meaning into our holidays. Last year I made an Easter Tree. This year prom, several rounds of sickness, t ball, and busyness didn't allow for such an elaborate countdown.
We sang Hosanna with some bush branches. We did read the Easter story and Adam showed Noah the Don Francisco "He's Alive!" music video. Noah thought it was very "cool". We also had a mini last supper with a loaf of french bread and grape juice and discussed foot washing. This was later re- enforced at church with a similar discussion. Noah was sitting in my lap at group worship for 2-5 year olds and said "Hey mom we did that at home. How cool!". Yes. Very cool. My favorite thing we did (or actually my mom did it since Adam and I were at prom) was to find rocks and talk about our sins and how Jesus died to take them away. We put them in the basket Saturday night and Sunday morning they were "taken away" and replaced by abundant life and joy or cookies and cars. Which is joy for five year olds! I think I will be keeping this tradition. The point seemed to stick for Noah.

On Saturday we had both set of grandparents, Aunt Emy and Xander over for Ester dinner and a Egg Hunt. As always it was a blast to host everyone at our house. I always feel so blessed to have so many of the people I love under my roof. We missed the other members of our family but we did enjoy the afternoon. Xander has the egg thing down. Adam and I hated to have to
rush the afternoon /evening to run to chaperon /set up/take down for prom. I sincerely hope no
one ever schedules it for Easter weekend again. I was one tired lady Easter morning! Here about one hundred more pictures of the rest of the weekend!

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