Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Noah Update

Noah is just a few weeks shy of being four and a half! To me that is just plain impossible. Noah is truly developing into a special little boy. No longer and baby or toddler, he is all boy. He is full of energy. He adores playing with his cars, of course. He longs to be outside. He is the most curious little being I have ever encountered. He has an amazing memory. He is beautiful. He can be a bit sassy at times and will toe the line. But for the most part I believe he wants to obey. He is generous and gives "presents" to his friends constantly. He is an artist and loves to make special projects for people. Tuesday after his class Easter Party he wanted to share his prize eggs he got at school with his neighborhood friends and he gave away six candy filled eggs. This is just short of a miracle. Yesterday he wrapped up "Jesus" in cloths and placed him on my bedside table to remind me of Easter.

Noah still loves being read to and he still won't pedal his bikes. He recently told me he no longer loves mac and cheese. But I'm not convinced. I am counting down until summer when I can be around him more to watch this special little one solve problems, create imaginary worlds, and teach me so much about love and patience.


HB said...

I LOVE that picture of him. Look how big and handsome he is!! Wow!

Laudan said...

That is such a cute picture of him, he looks SO grown up! :-) I love your writing - and reading about your sweet boys!

Anonymous said...

OK I am late making a comment. Noah is amazing! We absolutely adore him.
Nana and Puddin