Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Saturday of Play

We have a busy week. And we have had a lot of this.
So today was sweet because we just played and spent the day playing. We went to Chick Fli A for free biscuits, played on the playground, had a visit from Nana and Puddin, played outside, and built castles and fast food places. Miller is teething again or just randomly is drooling buckets, and having bad diapers and a low fever. So he was clingy and snugly. I enjoyed it.

How I love my boys. All four of them. I am thankful for this life of laughs and mess!


Anonymous said...

I do love them too! and their Mama :)

Cleaned too much during your childhood said...

Saturdays of play will leave more lasting positive memories than Saturdays of Cleaning! For the children. For the parents.
Make good pictures too :-)

Mom said...

Charlie is glad you can count.
He likes Playtime better then Cleaning too.

Mom said...

Ok. One more comment. Actually a question. If Miller is having " bad diapers", what would a good diaper be? Is there such a thing?
Just being silly. Bored. Looking at the adorable pictures again tonight and had that thought.