Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Stars

For the past year or so I have been praying that God would make my heart sensitive. That He would break it over things that break His. This is a dangerous prayer. Over the past week my eyes have been open to several situations at school that are heartbreaking. I don't really have any control over the circumstances and there isn't too much I can do to help. It has left me somewhat frustrated. After we put the boys to bed we were working on some things and had the Capitol Journal ( a really really boring report on Alabama Public Television about the legislative session in Montgomery)playing as we worked. The show was going on and on about the Education Reform ideas and teacher performance and taking money from the Education budget. And I got really worked up. Really worked up. I mean...... have they stepped foot in a classroom these days?! I had been making a pretty pink elephant banner for a baby shower. I walked out side to deliver it to my neighbor down the street. The cold air cleared my head. And I looked upward. All I could see were stars. Massive amounts of stars. I thought about how He made them and scattered them. They are bright and beautiful. He has his hands on everything. And has since before time. He has a plan for my students that I can't help. He has a plan for the things out of my control. Things that don't make sense. And on the things that do. I will rest in that. And then I walked into my neighbors truck.


Anonymous said...

May you find peace in God's power and love.
Love you, MIL

Mom said...

Ahh! My Carrie girl. You make me proud. You make me cry. You make me laugh......and then I walk into my neighbor's truck...or a wall....or whatever.
Someday will we walk into the stars?

Adam jones said...

Where were you when I lAid the foundation of the earth? Tell me if you have understanding. - job 38:4 your story reminded me of the wisdom in this verse.