Friday, December 30, 2011

The New Lens

For Christmas I got a new lens! Adam's parents had given me a gift card to get PhotoShop but my camera has been acting up since the summer. Sometimes it couldn't focus to take a picture. In the last month it went from sometimes working to not working at all. My smart mom suggested that my father in law and I (He has the same camera.) run a little experiment and switch lens to see if that could be the problem. We did that yesterday and it was my lens and not the camera body! I was so relieved because lens are much more reasonable than a camera. So I used my gift card and got a 50mm fixed lens. It is a bit wider than mine so it lets in lots of light. Which makes taking inside pictures so much easier since I hate using a flash. I am so happy! I am in love. And can't wait to take some more pictures.

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Mom said...

Great!. I am looking forward to more great pictures.