Friday, December 30, 2011

The Simply Wonderful Christmas

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! We spent our laughing and enjoying our families and of course the joy of the boys.We spent time with both sides of our family, at a beautiful Christmas Eve service, and here at home on Christmas morning. The memories of this Christmas will always be super special to me! Adam and I decided with Noah's first Christmas five years ago that we would try to keep things simple in hopes to focus on Jesus and the joy of His gift to us. We give him two presents form us, one a memory building presents(like last year's trip to the circus or this year's once a month game night). We hope that keep things a little more simple will help the attempts to spread kindness and celebrate Jesus shine. Noah's extreme love of presents and hoping gifts might have overshadowed his understanding of Christ's love and sacrifice again this year. But I hope that eventually he will get it. I know Jesus is speaking to me through Noah's joy. He is just so excited over a simple matchbox car. I hope he always finds the joy in simple things.

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