Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Little Nephew Turns Two

Happiest of birthdays last weekend to my sweet littlest nephew Xander! Aunt Banana loves you so very much! I think you are just stinking adorable and smart (Maybe you will get a 4.11 in college like your Mommy!)! I love watching you grow and play!

Xander at two. Family pictures taken before his party.

Xander and me at his 2nd birthday party! The theme was Xander Turns Two at the Zoo. It was so cute. Lots of stars and twinkling lights and zoo animals. The cupcakes and fun animal favors were Noah's favorites. Mine, besides the adorable birthday boy, was Miller taking his first steps right in the middle of the party. Of course he hasn't done it again. After the party we all headed to the Zoo for Zoolight Safari.

Xander and me at his first birthday party!

Xander and me on his birth day! My how time flies and what a sweet blessing my nephew and godson are to my life!

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