Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Halls are Decked

They were decorated a few weeks ago. I thought I would post a little bit for my own memory purposes later on down the road. This year I didn't really have the time or energy to change much and without my Hobby Lobby for inspiration I was left a little unspirited. Most everything inside is reminiscent of last year. Outside changed a bit due to our wreaths finally biting the dust. (But I don't have an outside picture.) I spray painted two urns bright green and put in two little fake trees with sparkly red and green ball stems and topped with red bows. It probably looks better in your head right now than it does in real life! Our windows have big green wreaths with red sparkly bows and bright green polka dots and ornaments. Or front door has a fun red ribbon wreath. And Noah was quite insistent that we put lights up. So we wrapped our little tree in them. Outside is supposed to represent "Joy" with all the bright colors. I did the Advent trees again this year but have been less than consistent with the countdown which includes acts of random Christmas kindness. This area is supposed to represent "love".

The mantle is pretty and white and sparkly. I used all my stars here. I had the intention of painting/printing a quote about the Christmas Star and creating a canvas but...well somehow it already the 22nd. The mantle is supposed to be Peace.

Our tree this year is a Douglas Fir. It was nice and fluffy. And Adam and I couldn't remember why we always pick Frasiers over Douglas. But I think it is because Douglas Firs don't seem to last as long. Doug (we name our trees every year. And we are creative.) is looking a little crispy. Doug is sporting all silver ornaments with red berry sprigs and glitter words like Noel, Faith, Joy, Peace and Hope. The boys made so many adorable ornaments at school this year that I think next year I am going to lobby for a fancy tree and a special ornament tree. And Noah wants a little pink tree in his room like Brooke. We will see about that. That is the 411 on the Christmas decorations. I will just say that I really miss Hobby Lobby and their prices. I am thankful they will be reopening soon!

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