Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Last Sunday

One of the best things about Adam's new job (and there are many, like half off tuition for us. I am dreaming of a specialist degree and half off! ) is that he will be here on Sundays. Adam thinks I have not full appreciated what working Sundays has done for our family. But I have. I understand that it gives a flex day to take off during the week that has really come in handy for times when we had sick little ones. It also has given him Daddy Son Days with both boys. That quality time is irreplaceable. And my heart loves him even more for not taking the boys to daycare on Fridays and loving on them. I can't say there wouldn't have been days that I would have dropped them off with kisses and ran errands or cleaned or done laundry or napped. Sundays have given me several hours of me time. Hours in the bath. Time to blog or cruise the Internet. Time to paint my nails. Or just to be quiet. Quiet and alone. That has been well used time for recharging. But for almost five years this Sunday editor position has meant late nights and tired Monday mornings. It has meant shorter weekend trips. Saying no to Sunday afternoon engagements. During the school year it has meant a day and a half weekends as a family. Well tonight I am enjoying me last Sunday night alone. I took a long bath with a glass of wine. I picked up the house. Did a little craft. Listened to Pandora and dreamed on Pinterest. It has been nice Sunday night. But I won't miss you. I'd take time with Adam anytime over you.

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Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you all.
Love, Nana