Monday, December 12, 2011

The Blessed Moments

I am feeling very blessed this Christmas season. God gave us His son. As a gift. To bring us home to Him. And it just blows me away. So many sweet moments in the past few weeks. Watching my two little ones enjoy the season, take awe in the lights on display, shouting "Happy Birthday Jesus" when he sees them, discovering what our Elf has done,reading the Christmas story again and again, getting excited about parties and celebrating Jesus, it is all so new and precious. It is all about love. Christ is love. In the flesh. Sunday Noah and the Preschool department sang some Christmas Carols. It was so beautiful to watch these little ones growing so big. Many of them I have been praying for since they were in their mother's wombs and now how they are on stage singing praises to baby Jesus. I was filled with love as I watched.I was
overwhelmed. This weekend we took the boys to a living nativity where you ride through on a hayride. They read the Christmas story as you sit on hay bleachers. I sat there warm and cozy, Noah in my lap and breathing in the smell of hay, listening to how my Savior came down, born to save. Me. To save me. I watched Noah and Miller listening and watching rapt with attention. And I was overwhelmed. Today was Adam's first day at his new job. He beat us home. He had all the lights on and the oven pre heating.

The boys were so overjoyed and excited to get to play an extra hour with Daddy. Watching them I was filled with love and thankfulness. On the radio this morning I heard the retelling of a story that stuck with me all day. A mom was attending her son's grade school "Holiday" program. She was surprised to learn her son's class was singing a song called "Christmas Love", since the school had taken great pains to say "Holiday". As they sung each line (C is for....) a child flipped the letter. The little girl holding the M was holding it upside down. Students in the audience snickered and teachers frantically tried to signal her to fix it. She was blissfully unaware. When the last letter was turned the mom was taken aback by the message. The signs now read Christ Was Love. What a message. It is the message God is sending my heart this year , all year long. I hope it is the message my life sings. I hope is the lessons my boys learn from me.
When I feel overwhelmed by the baking, gift wrapping, Christmas picture taking, card mailing, Elf mischief making, running around, parties and exhaustion, I remember Christ is love. And we celebrate that. Not just in December but all year. Oh how He loves us.

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HB said...

Hmm..LOVE THIS!! Thanks for sharing. AND...well...those pictures are PRECIOUS PRECIOUS!