Sunday, November 13, 2011

The November Thankful List Continued

November 5th- Today I am thankful for college football. I know it sounds silly. But I really love the excitement and tradition that comes with college football.

November 6th- I am very thankful for our Church. Calvary has been a great place for our growing family. As a newly married couple Adam and made great godly friends and grew together as a couple. As parents we were welcomed into the preschool ministry and have served there and watched as Noah learned about God and His love for Him all while developing a love for going to church. As Noah got a little older we started going to church on Wednesdays too. Adam and I have come to love our Wednesday night Bible Studies and I have enjoyed teaching this semester. Recently I was asked to be a part of a new mentoring program with Calvary's awesome college ministry. I met with my two girls last week and look forward to growing our relationship together and with God! Calvary is a place where I walk away knowing more about my savior from the teaching and worship. I leave feeling more equipped to love and live out God's story of grace in my life.

November 7th-Today I am thankful for modern technology. From everything to the washing machine, the internet, the calculator.... I am thankful for the ways it makes life easier and helps us all stay connected.

November 8th- Today I am thankful for the ability to read. I am taking an online class about struggling readers. It really opens my eyes to what a gift being a reader is. I think I really take for granted that reading is easy for me. I am thankful that Noah loves to read. Adam is reading him James and the Giant Peach and Noah loves that story time so much. I am thankful that we have the resources and time to invest in reading with him. And my heart breaks for the kids I teach whose parents may have never had the time or opportunity to read bedtime stories.

November 9th- Today I am thankful for time alone. I got the chance to run a few errands for Noah's party alone after church. I love people. Especially my sweet family but there are just some times when you need a little alone time. I am thankful Adam recognizes that and never complains when I ask for it!

November 10th- I am thankful for accountability. Today the central office did walk through at school. This process can be intimating. There are whole check lists of things we have to be doing at any given time and some have nothing to do with teaching our content. But at the same time they hold us accountable. And I think that is good. There are many of us who are working really hard to ensure that our kids are getting the best we can give but our situation can be tiring and frustrating and it can be easy to give in to the old habits of laziness. Accountability helps keep you on track. I need more accountability. Not just at school but with fitness and eating routines, spiritually, and in the area of housekeeping and organization. I am thankful God gave us accountability and each other.

November 11th- Today I am SUPER thankful for our veterans. AND their families. I am so humbled by the sacrifice they make for me and my loved ones. I know it can't be easy. I am grateful for my grandfather who fought in WWII and for my cousins who have served and still serve with the Army and the Navy. What would we do without these brave men and women? Where would we be without their willingness to protect? And have you seen the YouTube clip of the girl in Alabama who is at her schools Veteran's Day program and her Dad turns out to be the special guest?

November 12th- Today I am thankful for celebration. And all that goes with it! I am so happy to celebrate another year of Noah's life.

November 13th- Today I am thankful for medication. Today I am feeling yucky and under the weather with what seems like the never ending sinus infection. It never goes away. For long. But as I rested as much as possible today and took Advil Sinus around the clock I thanked God for medicine! I really appreciate what it does for me and for others.

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