Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Fourth Birthday Party

This morning we celebrated Noah's fourth birthday! (His actual birthday is next Wednesday. ) Noah asked to have his party at the Playhouse (an area daycare with a big indoor playground and jump things) and after much debate Adam and I decided not to invite our friends and their children in Birmingham. We love them all and certainly want them to be a part of Noah's life but we felt we were asking a lot of them to come an hour and a half for two hours of birthday party.
So we invited his class and the neighborhood kids to Noah's race car themed birthday. Since it
was on location I kept the decor low key. I used primary colors and I was planning on making cupcakes but at the last minute Noah asked for a race car cake. So being the crazy mom I am I took that challenge during the busiest week at school in a long time. I have never seen Noah so excited as he was this
morning! Ecstatic. We had a low turnout, it is a busy Saturday (or everyone hates me;) ). But Noah thought everything was perfect and a wonderful time with his family and friends! He had a blast!
Nana and Noah.
Miller has the best seat in the house.

Noah gets a little taste.

Can't believe there are four candles on this cake!!!!

The boys in the bouncy house.

The shabby chic race car cake ;)
Pinterest inspired fruit race cars.

Goody bags with cupcake to go, tattoos, paper yo yo, bracelet and car sucker.

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Anonymous said...

He did have a blast!! It was a great place for kids to run around and play. I loved hearing he and his friends talk and play together. We had a great time! Happy Birthday Noah! Nana and Puddin love you!!