Monday, November 14, 2011

The Fifteen Month Old

Miller turned fifteen months old on Friday! It is so funny to me how different our boys are. Blonde and brunette. 90th percentile and 25th. Miller weighed in at 22lbs and 30 inches. I went back on the blog and checked on Noah's 15 month stats. He was just about 27lbs and almost 33 inches and in the 90th percentile.
Noah at fifteen months.

Miller has a couple of words, kind of. Mammaaaamma and dadadadadada. He has said "high five" a few times. He roars. He stands. But does not walk. He signs "all done" and just tonight "more". He loves to point and grunt at things he wants. He is stubborn and knows what he wants and when he wants it. He is also quick to laugh. And he laughs a lot.

He loves to climb in and over and out of things. And despite the not walking he is very good at getting around. He loves his brother. And his mommy and daddy. He is getting better at sitting and reading.

He has his favorite books including "The Very Busy Spider" and "That's Not My Monkey". He is still taking bottles. I can't help it. He is just a baby ;)

I wish I could say it was just the night night bottle. But he gets one in the morning. And sometimes if he really needs a good nap he'll get one then. I need to get serious about getting finished with the bottle. Our prayer for Miller is for a kind heart and a strong relationship and friendship with his brother. We see those developing in him. And of course that he falls in love with his Savior.

He has a beautiful and fun spirit. We enjoy watching Miller grow and develop although sometimes he baffles us :)


Anonymous said...

Great pics! He does have a contagious smile!
Love you, Nana

Mimi said...

Oh little are so adorably Miller. I am loving watching you grow...and climb...and wiggle.....and giggle....and sometimes it's even cute the way you throw your food off the table (don't tell Mommy I said that. I'll have to clean it up.) I especially like it when you JUMP into my arms. I hope I am always watching! I love you so!