Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The One Year Old

What an amazing year full of delight and love. We are all so very thankful for Miller and the addition of life he brings to our family. He is so many things to us. I love watching him and Noah grow as brothers. I love his sweet yet spunky personality. I look forward to watching him grow and grow. But not too fast .....

Tonight we were saying our prayers and we were thanking God for the things we love about Miller. Noah said.."Thank you God for playing with him in the bathroom. For squishing him. And for letting him play cars with me. I love him."

We all love him.

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Mimi said...

Hard to believe. He has grown so quickly. I am loving watching his personality start to really POP out.....there's a lot more to little Mr Miller Jones than those big baby blues and the quick and easy grin. Look out world....he'll be up on his feet and running to meet you soon!