Sunday, August 7, 2011

The First Birthday Party

Miller is turning one on Wednesday! That is so crazy to me. Wednesday is also the official first
day of school. We decided to celebrate Miller this weekend. I am going to save all the sweet emotional stuff for later in the week. Because I am having a hard time with it :) For now I will just post about his party! For months Miller has been pure sunshine. We call him that all the
time. He is either super happy and smiley or crying. So a sunshine themed birthday party was
perfect for him and August.Mimi and Papa brought a Snowcone machine and bubble machine for a little backyard party. We served just cake (in the form of cupcakes and cakeballs) and ice cream (pre scooped and frozen in mason jars, thank you Pinterest.) I made several white and
yellow banners and Nana and Puddin' brought lots and lots of yellow balloons. We were planning on playing in the sprinklers and Miller's new water table (Happy Birthday Baby!) but we had too much fun eating snowcones. I made Miller a sunshine shirt, hand appliqueing pieces I cut using the Cricut.
Nana made matching shorts for him. Soon I will learn to make shorts too so I quit asking others to make them for my shirts :) Miller did a great job with his cake. He enjoyed it but not too much. He enjoyed basking in the attention of all his people. Adam and I are so thankful for our family and friends who helped us celebrate this sweet little boy. We adore him and his brother. We feel blessed to be their parents and spend our lives trying to show them God's extravagant love and grace.
Aunt Emy and Xander

Aunt Jenny and Lillie!

The snow cones were a big hit!

These miniature side walk chalk tubs and bubble wands served as the party favors. The sunshine motif was on the invitations and all over the party.

This banner hung on the mantel of the fireplace where I put pictures of Miller. But just a few because I realized last minute I barely have pictures of him printed! I have never made a banner where I used fabric as the ties but I love it! I will be doing more in the future.

I love this picture. Miller looks like he is covering his face for a surprise just as a put the cake on his tray!
This frame was on the mantel and used the same idea as his shirt and invitations.

I have made canvases with this scrapbook like effect and for this I used a wood plaque and hung it from ribbon on the front door.
Almost all the Key cousins in the pool! Just missing Michael. So much fun watching them all play together!

Playing with his present from us, a water table. We had no idea what to get him since e have so many vehicles and other play things for Noah. But we made the right choice. HE LOVES IT!

Miller loves his grandmothers!

Lillie looking adorable!
Xander loves the bubbles!
Nana and Puddin sharing a snow cone with Miller.

Bring on the cake!

Ava sharing a snow cone with Noah. She is so sweet. Noah told me this morning Ava will be his wife and they will come visit my house every night and morning.

My neighbor Sara and her daughters Ava and Tessa. She just a sweet little boy named Ryder! Banner outside on the porch.

Cupcake tree, I didn't take pictures of the cake balls. Or mason jar ice cream. But it was cute ;)

Miller was very serious about his cake.

My sweet birthday boy!


Laudan said...

The pictures are adorable!!! It looks like it was such a fun party, I am so sad we missed it!! You did a great job with everything! I love the banners and the theme :-) I hope we get to see you guys sometime soon :-)

HB said...

Good grief! You need to start a birthday business. Look at how creative you are! WOW!

Brett & Mark said...

Carrie!! Like I said before...I knew Miller's party would be adorable!! You are so creative! He is such a sweet sunshine! ;)

Mimi said...

Papa says he was there too!He was the behind the scenes clean up crew.....

Shea said...

Super cute party decor! And, loved chatting with you at Laura's shower!