Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Birthday Letter

My Dearest Miller,

Oh how I delight in you. You have added such a bright light to our little family. Your joy for life is contagious. One days when I am tired and stressed all I need is a quick smile from you and things look brighter and better. You are a bit spunky and already know how to charm. But your sweet streak outweighs any mischief. You love your brother so very much. I love to watch you adore him and I love watching him enjoy being adored by you. Being a big brother is new to Noah and your love for him has certainly won him over. I think your love for him is mutual. He loves you too. You are such a fun combination of so many family members. Many look at you and see different parents or grandparents in the shape of your face, in your smile in your eyes. I look at you and see God's blessing and gift He sent me through you. I have prayed for you most of my life. And last year I was excited to meet you (especially after such an easy delivery). Your birth story is fun to tell. And our connection and bond with you was immediate. I enjoyed every minute I spent at home with you for the first five months. I will never forget our mornings alone while Noah was at school. Sometimes we spent the whole time rocking in our green chair. You were a bit of a fussy baby unless you were settled into my arms. You grew out of that when you mobilized. Some of my favorite things about you are the way you light up a room with your sweet smile and cute laugh. I love your charm and even your sneaky streak. I may not be able to grant your every desire or spoil you the way I would like but you never need to doubt the depth of my love and delight for you. That is the truth I want to speak straight to your little heart. That my unconditional love for you runs so deep but barely scratches the surface of the love of your heavenly Father. Whose love is perfect. We can not earn it nor do we deserve it. But He lavishes it upon us. Even when we do not see it or feel it it is all around us. I dream so many things for you. But mostly I want your inner joy to multiply. I want it to be uncontainable. I want you to spread it everywhere you go. To school. To the grocery store. To your neighbors. To the world. I want you to live this life abundantly. And to never be limited by the stress or worry of this world. Miller your Daddy and I love you so much. We have loved watching you grow in this first year of your life and look forward to the many milestones yet to come! To quote good ole Sandra Boynton "Happy Day. Happy Year. Happy Always and Ever. "

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