Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Zoo Week

Last week was zoo week at our house. All we did was go to the zoo with Mimi. I had really good intentions for crafts and snacks but you happened. And bootcamp. But Mom and I took some pictures of our trip, to document Zoo Week.
It was Elephant Week at the zoo. I will just fess up and say that I teared up a little bit I was so excited. For Noah, of course.
These giraffes were kissing. Isn't that sweet?
They had zookeepers training the elephants and telling you all sorts of things. And the gave away samples from the Peanut Shop.
It is always a great idea to take a photographer with you everywhere you go. Mimi is always sure to take some great shots. If you haven't been to the Birmingham Zoo since the Trails of Africa has opened... do. They have done a great job on the exhibit and it has lots of fun extras. For days leading up to the trip to the zoo Noah kept going on and on about the "super cool animal". We really had no idea what he was talking about. But here it is...
the Giant Anteater! It is a pretty neat looking animal when you think about it! I have been playing around with a new editing program today. It does some fun things.

The new exhibit has a playground with bongos, masks, plastic climbing termite mound, a a dung ball to roll. Noah loved it!
I really love elephants. I can't help it. I have always loved them. They fascinate me. I am so glad to have some back at the zoo so I can marvel at God's creative work.


Mom said...

WOW! I think we got some great pictures od zoo week....and all in a day. It was fun to be with you at the zoo. The boys enjoyed it too, but maybe ot as much as you seemed to. It must all stem from all those trips you and I took there the year you were two!

ThisMamaThing said...

The zoo looks like such fun! Can't wait til my little man is old enough to enjoy it. I love your blog and look forward to reading your stories and checking out the photos :)

Mom said...

Ummm. By the way,I totally missed the dung ball rolling. ??What on earth was that?
I wish we had pictures of fearless Miller in the water play area. He was amazing. I still laugh whenver I think of the way he crawled at top speed to get the water.