Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Love

Today I just really loved on my children. Sometimes I get these moments where I am completely overwhelmed with love for these two boys. Today was just a normal ordinary day. But I feel like God let me get a glimpse of just how precious children are to Him. I have been asking Him to.

At the breakfast table Noah was attempting to eat cereal with milk in it. Such a big kid thing to do. He looked at me and asked, " Mommy? When I am a big kid can I have some new big kid toys?Like that light thing. You know a light saver. After I watch the star movie with Daddy. Then I will be a big kid." apparently watching Star Wars is a passage into big kidhood. It was so adorable. I wanted to stop and take some mental pictures of this little three year old wishing to be a big kid.

Later in the afternoon I was rousing from an afternoon nap during a round of thunderstorms. Noah very sleepily sauntered into my room in his t shirt with Diego underwear chewing on his Spots and climbed into my bed. And burrowed into my arms. I held him tight. He is often too busy for snuggles. I thought about how eighteen is not that far away and how precious this small moment is. I prayed silently to never forget this sweet moment. And I was just simply overwhelmed with love for this small boy.

Miller is just plain delightful these days. A constant smile plastered to his precious little face. Tonight when I was rocking him he reached up and stroked my face and I just about melted on the spot.

People ask me if I am enjoying my summer.....

Oh yes. I am simply soaking it up.


Sandra White said...

What a blessing to realize the "importance" of little things before it's too late! I so admire you as a mother! You have already learned lessons that some people don't learn until they are grandparents!
Sandra White

Mimi said...

How long can we put off the Star Movie and light saver and so being a "big kid"? Sniff! I'll keep the prize drawer going as long as he still runs in to look. It's part of being a "little kid" that I find delightful!