Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Thanksgiving

I have not done a good job keeping up with my gratitude list. Trying to get to one thousand or more. On Mondays on Anne Voskamp's blog she hosts Multitudes on Mondays, where people link up their gratitude lists. I though I should start linking up. It might help me keep on track. So here it goes:
(1-39 are found under the "One Thousand Gifts" tab. And I will add each week's list there.)

40. safety in storms

41. humor of three year olds

42. making it through bootcamp without throwing up

43. the ability to excercise

44. the unconditional love of my husband, he loves me even when I am crazy

45. unsolicited Miller smiles

46. an amazing Godly earthly father who still loves me so much

47. an amazing Godly earthly Father In Law who loves me too

48. an amazing Godly earthly father to raise my sons

49. a new wreath for my door

50. creating

51. cleaning, yes cleaning

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