Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Farm Week

Last week was Farm Week at the Jones house. It seems that our activites centered around special snacks and less on the crafts.
This is "pig slop". Choclate Pudding and candy and cereal goodness. Yummy!

We went to Tuscaloosa Barnyard, to the farm! Here is Noah feeding the fish with the farmer.
Noah petting the young chicken.
Working up the courage to touch the baby pig.
Noah loved finding the eggs in the henhouse! We had spent a lot of time talking about the foods we get from the farm.

Cute baby goat who followed everyone around.


These are haystacks made with Chinese noodles and butterscotch and choclate chips.

We also made butter from cream in a baby food jar. Noah lovedd making butter and spreading it on crackers!

Shake shake shake!

D is for Ducks!
And of course wherever we are there are cars.

Farm week was a blast! This week I am at a conference so we didn't do anything together. Next week is Zoo week. I am also hoping to brave the library next week. I have a major fine. I had some books due the day after the tornado. One of them is on my bedside table!

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taylor said...

What at fun idea...I'm definitely going to need your help with these awesome ideas when Pho is older!