Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ten Month Old

Last Friday Miller turned ten months old. I really don't have words for how precious this little boy is to me and our family. His quick and easy smile and laughter brings us joy again and again. At the point where I think I have reached the end of my rope and quick snuggle from Miller sets the world right again.
His joy is a simple reminder of the love of God and a reminder to come to him like a child does.
This was a big big month for Miller.
He has started pulling up on anything close to him. He is eating real food, you know as opposed to fake baby food.
crawls after me pulling on my leg calling Mamamamamama.
And the other day when Adam walked into the room he greeted him with a joyful, "Dada!" .

He also broke his two top teeth. He still adores Noah. And Spikes. And Charlie. And really anything that smiles back at him. I am so thankful for Miller. For the brother he is to Noah. I pray daily that he will love the Lord like he clearly loves us.

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