Saturday, June 11, 2011

The First Birthday Party

My precious niece Lillie turned one back in May but we just had her party last weekend. I was so pleased to get to help put together her decorations. I also acted as photographer which made me so nervous. Emily and I decided on her present months ago and actually kept a secret. We gave her a cake server to use every year on her birthday and then at her wedding. Emily also made a plate with her initials to use for her special days! I hope these become precious to her. She played the part and was absolutely adorable. She has a cute little personality and we ca
n't wait to watch it and her grow and grow! Happy Birthday Lillie! I love you!

My hope for both my sweet nieces is that they grow to love the Lord, that the are confident that their worth can be found in Him, that His love is amazing, and that I love them and will always make myself available to love and listen my whole life long. And when I can I will be cool Aunt Carrie that saves the day! Both my angels turned one this Spring and I look forward to seeing what this year has in store for Lillie and Aubrey Kate!

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