Friday, June 10, 2011

The Girls Weekends

A few weekends ago I had a blast with some of my dearest friends from Auburn for our annual Girl's weekend. But as I was getting ready to post about the fun we had, I realized that I hadn't posted about my sweet April Girl's Weekend in Nashville. I am so blesssed to be friends with women who strengthen me and encourage me. Both weekends were amazingly restorative, refreshing and encouraging. I came home feeling like a better person having spent time with friends who I know will pray and love me through all sorts of messes. Iron sharpens. The long hours of talks both serious and hilarious warm my heart. I also apparently ate a lot. Looking forward to our next trips.
Sunday Brunch at Chuck's Fish in TTown. This is chicken waffles with bacon ice cream. Sounds gross. But it wasn't. Trust me.
Saturday Night dinner on Bristolwood Circle. Friday night we ate at Tuscaloosa's new Five. It was yummy. We also stayed up till two talking! Saturday we hung out and I had my first taste of Yogurt Mountain and I am now obsessed!
Emily and her little one. Susan is a professional photographer and I am sure she got some great pictures.
Dusti and Jana in Nashville.
Chocolate chip pancakes at the famous Pancake Pantry!
Shopping! We totally did!

Yummy treats at local French Cafe.
The Lord has truly blessed me with life long friends who truly make me a better mother, wife and friend!

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