Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Eight Month Old

Our little Miller Biller turned eight months old on Sunday! I cannot believe that he is already eight months. He continues to be such a bright spot in our family. He is laughing and smiling all the time. He is a great sitter and he is starting to get a little more mobile. Maybe one day he will push up on his knees. Maybe. He is really interacting with Noah. He LOVES his big brother. He
continues to be snuggly and sweet. He still loves his food. Still no teeth. And he continues to be adorable.
We love him so much and we thank God for the privilege of being his parents.
Especially for these eight things:

1. his smile

2. sweet laugh

3. purity

4. sweetness

5. happy greetings

6. love for Noah

7. his delight in things (like Charlie, Spikes. funny faces)

8. obvious growth and development

My very photogenic baby did not want to pose for his monthly bed pictures. At all. But I will forgive him since last months are so beautiful! This past weekend I did have a little photo shoot in my mom's beautiful yard. I think we got some winners! Happy eight months my sweet Miller. I love every second of being your mother!


Laudan said...

He is SO adorable!! I can't believe how big he is getting! I hope we get to see you guys soon :-)

Mom said...

I love all these pictures...but especially the last one...where have we seen that look? Let me think....oh yes.....Miller's big brother...all the time!