Monday, April 18, 2011

The Mental Pictures

Every once in awhile I get a little nostalgic about how fleeting time is. (Okay maybe not once in awhile...) Today was one of those days. Spring is always full. Full of hope of a lazy summer within grasp. Full of activities and parties and birthdays and things to do and places to be. Full of sunshine that we want to be out in and enjoying. This weekend and today I spent time to step back from the "now" of life and treasure little moments that I will never get back. To take mental pictures of little moments I want to hold onto forever.

With Miller it was his soft baby skin and chubby legs while sitting in my lap laughing at all our neighbors playing with Noah in the sunshine. With Noah my mental photograph came tonight when I was tucking him in and he thanked me, threw his arms around me, and asked me to snuggle.

When we were nose to nose snuggling.... I pictured him at seventeen. Definitely not asking me to snuggle. I am so very blessed to be privileged to love on these two little boys. And I cannot wait for May 27th. When I get to to it 24-7 for nine weeks!

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