Monday, March 7, 2011

The Weekend in Review

I got an unexpected three day weekend. Due the stomach flu. Again. Didn't we just have this? Prior to waking up at two am this morning to throw up and the fever, chills, and whooziness that followed we had a good low key Jones style weekend.

Friday night we played with Brooke a little bit. And Jennifer and I were catching up (because we hadn't seen each other in 36 hours.) ohhing over her 4D ultrasound pics of Cade. N and B were dancing in the living room to some music on J's iPhone, when the music ran out Noah said to keep dancing "cause I've got music in my mouth!" And then he started making his own music. I thought that was really cute. Music in my mouth.

Saturday we tiddied up, ran errands, and then I crafted. I made these really cute canvas signs for our little play area in the living room. I will have to post pictures later because the new camera and the laptop are not playing well together. I am really pleased with how cute they came out. Usually ideas in my head don't translate well to real life but these did. At least to me.

Sunday morning Miller Biller threw up. We weren't overly concerned because he was been randomly throwing up for several weeks every few days. We switched his formula to soy and we thought that fixed it. On Tuesday we began to reintroduce milk based formula. So Sunday we assumed it was just the formula thing. Adam stayed home from church with him.

I was super excited about being in worship Sunday morning. With all of our sickness and weekend trips to the Ham it has been well over a month since I have been in church. TERRIBLE. No amount of treadmill praise and worship or Bible Studies can replace what corporate worship does for my heart. The sermon was great, all about how the Church is not a building. We are the temple, the priests, and the sacrifices. And right there on the fourth row God spoke to my heart. I have been struggling lately and He basically told me, "It is not about you." Ouch. He is right. It is not about my feelings. My life is a living breathing sacrifice to Him. It is about being His vessel. His hands. Having His heart for others. Okay God I'm listening and processing. I'm now in that toddler stage where the ugly crying is over and they are shuddering a little. Still not happy about being forced to obey. But resigning to do it.

Noah made a side trip to Target where I used a gift card I had been hording to purchase Just Dance II for the Wii. Oh so much fun. I have been testing it out in the BHS Library during Teen Tech week. Even though I was told repeatedly that I have no rhythm by my students, I still think Adam and I will have a blast.

From that point I did lots of laundry, made lots of baby food, and got ready for the week. I also enjoyed a bubble bath, book, and glass of wine and was in bed by 9:30. Awesome cap to a good weekend.

Adam was feeling queasy Sunday and his tummy was a little upset but he did go to work. We didn't really think much of it. Until I woke at 2am and threw up. So I stayed home today. And Adam was Super Dad. Again. I am feeling better. Still weak and a little rumbly in the tummy but should be back at school to my student's dismay.

Tonight I was standing in the kitchen with Adam and Miller. And Miller flashed a big grin and reached out for me and leaned over to come to me. He buried his face in me and gave a big smile. Then he turned to Adam and did the same thing. He went back and forth between us several times completely enjoying his new game. Just soaking up his parents' love and attention.

Just before bed tonight Noah crawled into bed with me and watched race cars on my phone. He had a toy car in one hand and stroked it admiringly and said.."I like this car the best because there no other cars like it on the road." He was so sweet and genuine about his little hot wheel. Who would have thought race cars would melt my heart?

Apart from the sickness it was just one of those weekends where you stare at the ones God has blessed you with and think how amazing are these boys? All three of them. And Charlie too.


Robin said...

AK loves that game too! It's Mom and Dad who get tired but not of the snuggles! Just passed a 20 lbs package back and forth.

Mom said...

"Music in my mouth"! Sigh. Too cute.
What a weekend. How silly of me to think that since I hadn't heard from you all was well.Actually I guess all WAS well, just of a different sort. More the "it is well with my soul" sort, huh?