Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Adventure of Parenthood

Oh the joys.

After a crazy day at school (Spring Break is in the air!) I picked up my angels from school. We played cars. We made a clown. (It is circus week!) Then it was time to make dinner. Which always coincides with Miller's fussy time of day. Finally dinner is on the table we all have cheese and dressing and something to drink. Half of us have our dinner all over our faces.

All the sudden....Noah says "My tummy hurts."

Why did I naively think that just because it had been 36 hours since anyone in the house had thrown up that Noah had escaped???

Adam and I jumped into action. We asked if he was going to throw up. And he burst into tears. This sweet boy really hates throwing up. Really hates it. He ran into the bathroom and got his trashcan. Several minutes later he was still crying but throw up free. We set him up in a throw up safe zone. Adam was rubbing his back.

I went into the bathroom to give the baby a bath. He is kicking and laughing and then filling up the tub with poo. Yep. He's pooping in the bathtub. Ahh.... "Clean up on aisle 5. Back up requested in the bathroom." Adam comes in and we are laughing and laughing looking at the contaminated zone and all the bath toys. Oh but Miller wasn't done!

After we were sure he was finished. Adam says, "Well, what to you want the baby or the tub?"I offered to play him for it. You know rock paper scissors. The way all parents decide what dirty job they get. Adam said, "Well I'll take the bathtub. You take the baby." Because he is a prince. Really he is. Oh I love him. Even if he had taken the baby.

Then we attempted to make a Facebook surprise for Mimi's Birthday tomorrow. Didn't quite turn out the way I thought. Noah told me he really wished he had a Formula 1 Racecar. Hmm. Then he asked if I could look for a Robin car to go with Batman. Pow. Then he said "Holy Mammal". When asked about it he said, "You know from Batman." Who has been showing my baby Batman cartoons???? He is still a baby right?

Needless to say both my precious boys are in bed. Throw up free. And I love them. And I am so thankful for the adventure they make my life. How boring would it be without them.


Wee Swap said...

I am glad y'all are feeling better. :) That is the worst!

Mom said...

Your life is an adventure! 1000 gifts a day when you count 'em!
Your blog is often one of my "gifts". Thanks for my fix.....and especially for the birthday FB video. Priceless!
love you so,

HB said...

OH MY.... I was so nervous this ENTIRE post until I got to the bottom. BUT... I did laugh A LOT. SO glad Noah escaped that madness. It is just going around like crazy it seems!