Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Seven Month Old

Last week Miller celebrated seven months of life. He is such a joy. He has really settled into a routine. And he is pretty happy. If he isn't it is time to eat or sleep. He is beautiful and I look forward to the day when He can express the sweetness I see in him everyday. Since last month he has become a sitter. He is really good at it except when he is reaching for things. He continues to adore Noah and Charlie. His appetite has fallen off a little but I suspect that it has something to do with the breathing issues he is facing. His asthma continues to give him problems. We are giving him two breathing treatments a day with both a prevent and treatment medicines. We just started to give him Zyrtec once a day hoping it will help the nasal congestion from irritating the asthma. Miller is very photogenic and is one of my favorite subjects when testing the new camera. Seven month is a relatively short amount of time. But I really cannot picture our family without Miller. Honestly. I know I say it so much but I just love him so very much. Seven things I hope for Miller's future:
- a love of things pure and holy
- a thankful heart
- a relationship with God that is firm
-life long friendship with his brother
-that his life is light to others

Here are some picture of my seven month old:

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