Friday, March 18, 2011

The Spring Break Zoo Trip

This week was my Spring Break. We started it off bt taking both boys to Nana and Puddin's house. Adam and I had a date night and then spent Saturday CLEANING! I am pretty sure our house hasn't been so clean since we moved in! Sunday I went and picked up the boys and then went to visit with Mimi, Papa, Emy and Xander. Monday we spent an awesome day at the Birmingham Zoo! I was so excited. I know it is weird for an adult to have this much excitement over the zoo but I can't help it. I thought that the Trails of Africa exhibit had just held a sneak peek Friday -Sunday. I was thrilled to find it open and that I could see the two new elephants! Noah was excited that they both pooped and peepeed while we were there. He thought it was awesome. This was Miller's first trip to the zoo and I think he liked it. He did really well for missing a nap!

Mimi and Emy took Noah and Xander for a walkabout with the kangaroos and wallabies.

Thank you to all the grandparents for the weekend! It was great fun! And of course to Aunt Emy who is always ready to take on an adventure with her nephews. Noah and Xander are getting to be partners in crime!

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