Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Quick Update

I am in the middle of Spring Break. We are most assuredly enjoying every second. I have a ton of pictures to share so far as well as a post about Miller turning seven moths old and about my new elephant friends but.... I don't have time to post it all right now. For Lent I really thought long and hard about what hinders my relationship with God. And it is being exhausted and hitting snooze on the alarm. So I decided that for lent on week nights I will unplug at nine thirty. That way I can have energy to get up and spend time with God and exercise and get ready to face my day. I have extended that an hour during Spring Break which leaves me about five minutes to share just a few pictures and a prayer request. Miller has some kind of allergies or cold that is irritating his asthma and causing a flare up. I have been really good about lifting this up to God and not worrying about it. But not this time. I am really struggling in letting go and trusting the doctor's regimen. I am really worried. So please keep him in your prayers. I am trying to soak up all his preciousness and thank God for every second he gives us together. As if the are limited. Which is a terribly scary feeling to have even if it is silly and irrational. Here is a little preview of the 900 pictures I have taken in the past few days.


Laudan said...

Poor Miller, he will definitely be in our prayers! I know it is so hard to watch them being sick and feeling so helpless.

Your pictures are adorable, as always! Noah and Miller are both so cute!!!

Mimi said...

Love my Noah pic.....so often I am behind the camera. I want the kids to know I was there!