Saturday, January 15, 2011

The National Champions

About fifteen years ago I went with my school's show choir to a contest in Auburn. I was not an Auburn fan at this point. My Daddy was an Alabama fan and I grew up saying "Roll Tide" and shaking red and white pom poms. I was seriously considering Notre Dame or St. Mary's and then Notre Dame. But I probably was headed for Samford. But God had different plans for me. When I stepped on campus in Auburn I fell in love. I wasn't overcome with the beauty of the campus. But the immediate feeling that overcame me. It was feeling that I was at home. I was at peace. And over the next few years I prayed about that feeling and really felt God telling me to go to Auburn. I have loved Auburn ever since that trip. God had special plans for me there, that included cementing our relationship, growing into myself, and finding the love of my life. And every time I drive down 280 and get onto College Street I feel like I am coming home. I will always love Auburn for the person it helped me to become.

I love the tradition of Auburn. I love that it gives you instant admittance into a family of people that love it like I do. Even around the world we have greeted with a "War Eagle". I love hearing stories of peace corps volunteer going to great lengths to watch the championship game. I love the little boys down the street from my parents who make their own Toomer's Corner. I love when our leadership hires Godly men to lead our athletic teams. And I love when they win National Championships they give glory to God.

I was a wreck on Monday. I was nervous and excited. I was agitated and frustrated that ice and snow ruined our plans and left me stuck in Tuscaloosa. But I pulled my self out of it and created a little Auburn in Tuscaloosa.

I really can't say how excited I was when we won. I may not have been in the stadium or in Auburn rolling for real.... but I was ecstatic in my living room. Crying like a baby.

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Anonymous said...

I was ecstatic too! I was alone in the living room jumping up and down and teary! It's amazing! MIL
I love your tree!!