Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Man of My Dreams

Today is our sixth anniversary. We are spending it eating Japanese food and watching "Date Night". Tonight I am so very thankful for the man of my dreams.

Lately I have been picturing our life together as a journey on a sailboat. (It might be the fact that the song, Dancing Through the Minefields, has been on WDJC every time I start the car.) Sometimes the sailing is smooth and sometimes it is rocky and storming. But we sail out into no matter what, together.

When I feel like my life in that little boat is being bounced around I am thankful to have Adam as my partner. He makes the scary moments not as scary. And he makes the joyful ones even more joyful. I love him for many reasons but as I reflect on this past year of our marriage I am thankful for his support. He supports me even when I am being crazy. He encourages me. I realize that almost everything he does, he has me and my best interests at heart. He adores me. Maybe not in that first month of dating kind of adore, but in the support you in all of your best and worst moments kind of way. I am so spoiled. And I am blessed to be loved by such a selfless man.

"I would choose you every time."

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