Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Five Month Old

Miller is five months old!! (It happened last Monday but I am a little behind!) He continues to add so much joy to our family. This was an eventful month. Miller had his first big illness. RSV. He also started eating baby food and he LOVES it! He has tried squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, pears, peaches, and bananas. He also started daycare. He is adjusting better. He isn't sleeping there much. But he has been in the best moods at home. He is all smiles and he loves to laugh. At just random things. It is delightful. He and Noah are so different. And I love watching his personality develop. He is just adorable and I love him so very much. To celebrate his five months I will give a list of Miller's Top Five Things:

5. Sleep Sacks- He just sleeps better in them. We started to take one to school. I need to order a couple more for him in different weights.

4. Fruit- Oh how he loves fruit! He does eat his veggies but when he gets peaches or pears or bananas. Oh my! He cries when they are gone.

3. People- He loves other people! Babies and adults a like, he is all smiles and laughs at peoples.

2. Spikes- His dinosaur lovie..... he recognizes him now and just loves snuggling with him.

1. Noah- If Noah speaks to Miller, Miller will just dissolve into laughter!!! It makes this mom really happy! Now on to the pictures!

Miller as a newborn:Miller at One Month:Miller at Two Months:Miller at Three Months: Miller's Five Month Pictures:

Miller's photo shoot this month spanned three days and proved to be a little difficult.Miller is trying to sit up on his own. He is very active and not very still for photos :) Eventually to ensure some smiles I involved Noah.


Megan said...

You just made me go get out the sleep sack! Miller is adorable. He looks so much like Adam! I see very few similarities to Noah!

Anonymous said...

What a cute baby!! Great pics with both the boys!! It's been too long. Come to Nana's house soon Noah and Miller!! Nana :)