Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Good Normal Day

Today was just a plain normal good day.

I got up this morning at 5:30 which is my new morning wake up time. I LOVE it. Seriously. I don't know how I ever got up (on school days) any later. I take a leisurely shower, get ready, have a devotional, make my lunch, and leave the house. I get to school around 7:15, giving me forty five minutes to get ready for the kiddos.

I have been pretty dilgent about my morning devotional since starting back to school and I can really feel a total differnce in my attitude. I really NEED that time with Jesus. This morning was a little different as I was putting food in the crock pot.

Sidenote: I created a meal plan for January that has really helped me plan and keep our grocery budget on track. Monday nights are frozen casserole nights. Tuesdays are recipe nights. Wednesday nights are crock pot nights (cause we are all going to Wednesday night church now, used to be just Adam and Noah.). Thursday nights are foraging in the cupboard and leftover nights. Friday is pizza (ordering in or making our own pizzas or calzones). Saturday night is ethnic food night. Sundays are soup and sandwiches.

So I didn't have as much time to have a devotional. As I was driving to school (down a back

street to find some leaves by the creek for Leonardo da Vinci Centers, leaves because he was not only an artist but a botanist) I remembered that my Daily Devotional App on my phone will read it to me. Awesome. So I listened to my scripture devotional. And there were verses that stayed with me and encouraged me all day. I felt so blessed.

School for once didn't overwhelm me. I just did the best that I could, trying to teach creatively and cross things off my long to do list. I am in LOVE with my fourth block class. It is my one regular class this semester. I spent the first two days interviewing each student trying to get to know them. And I feel like I do. I am not reaching everyone of them but more than I would normally. I look forward to them coming to class and talking with them. They require A LOT of patience. But I feel like we are gong to make it. Its a miracle.

I left school around four. My earliest departure yet. For the Cottondale Post Office where I have developed a friendly little rapport with Homer the postman. We are on a major budget. But I still want to buy cute clothes for Miller and Noah . And I still am in need of some work clothes. (Last week one of my trusty sweater shirts tore a huge hole and left my back exposed. Totally embarassing! But funny story now. Adam had to bring me clothes!) So when I cleaned out my closet a couple of weeks ago I made two bags. The give away bag and the EBay bag. Things I don't wear or don't fit I am getting rid of. No need to keep those size 6 pants from college. No matter how hard I work, those are not happening again. I am not ready to sell the boys clothes yet. And at the advice of friends I will probably consign those. But I have already made 90$. It just goes into my PayPal account and I use it as an allowance. I feel so much freedom. I also feel like I am being resourceful and using what God as blessed me with. Plus check out Little Button Designs on Etsy and Facebook to see the cute shirt and romper I ordered for Noah and Miller, basically for free. And I got two pairs of work pants and two sweaters. And freezer containers for my homemade baby food. Love it. But it requires random trips to the post office.

After visiting with Homer, the friendliest postman in America (really), I drove the thirty five minutes to daycare. Talked extensively with the boys' teachers. Miller LOVES Miss Caroline. He kept turning into her and laughing. I had to pry him away. That is great! Noah had a better report. Then we were off to church. I started a new Women's Bible Study tonight. We are doing Victoriously Frazzled and it is awesome. Not only is God bringing me peace in the chaos of my life but I am reconnecting with old friends and making some new friendships. I am excited about it.

On the way home Noah told me Jesus is in our hearts not our stomachs because he would get dirty there. Isn't that a great example of the three year old mind?

We came home to a crock pot roast and veggies. Read some good stories and got into bed. It was just a normal day. But I feel light and peaceful and happy. Oh so happy. Even though my to do list is longer than ever.

Who could look at these faces and not be happy?

May your normal days be good ones too!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! When you write everything down it does sound like a lot! I will pray for many normal days for you all.

Robin said...

That's the cutest picture of Miller EVER. Oh goodness. I need to snuggle him. And can you send me some of those casserole receipes? I'm in need of something. Anything really. XOXOXOXO

Micheal said...

Such a sweet post. I pray that over the course of this semester you have MANY more days like this. Actually I pray that everyday could be like this for you!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the prayers!