Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Things They Say and Do

I love my sweet boys. In the times when I am at the end of my rope I pull up all the cute things they do and say to help me have a little more patience.

Here are some of those cute things:

Miller is holding out his arms when he wants to picked up. Heart meting.

Miller will grab you on the both sides of your face and pull close and then try to eat you alive. Kisses?

Noah says "tomorning" when referring to tomorrow.

He also says circledeeas for quesadillas.

Noah adores reading stories with Miller and me. He gets very upset if we don't all get to read together.

Noah is fascinated with where Jesus is. He asks me all the time where he is.

Noah asked if our stomachs have holes for the food to come in and out.

These little things are the things I hope I always remember about my little boys.

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