Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Decorating

It is a work in progress.... still needs some candles and touches here and there. But the decorating is mostly finished. The pictures are out of order. Forgive me. I don't have the time to fight with Blogger to get them in the order I'd like.

The Mantel:
This scheme is pretty much the same as last year, with some new photographs and the white frame is new. Noah, Ada, and I had matching white velvet stockings with our names. But they don't make them anymore. I didn't really have a Pottery Barn budget this year to replace the boys' stockings. I saw these green ones at Target. They were what I had in mind plus they were just ten bucks! I love how everything turned out on the mantel. Kinda shabby chic.
The Star Garland:
I made this last year and I still love it and found ways to recycle it. I may be ready for something different next year though.
I used my grandmother's mason jars all over the house again.
The Console Table:
I picked the console table to display the Advent Calendar. I added the wreath and some mason jars to finish it off.
The Christmas Tree:
I used the same deco as last year. Silver ornaments, words, and red berries.I think that next year I'd like to have two trees. The fancy one, where everything matches and the family one that has all the sentimental ornaments on it. I am always torn and want both. Plus I'd like to get the boys an ornament every year that reflects them or the year.
The Entertainment Center:
This is where I dumped everything I wasn't using elsewhere. It came out kind of fun.
Noah was a big helper :)

What does your house look like this year?

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