Monday, December 6, 2010

The Annual Trip to Lowes

I love tradition. Love it. Even when it is something like picking out our Christmas Tree at Lowes. We packed up the boys and drove through a living nativity and then on to Lowes to pick up our Christmas tree. Noah could tell the parts of the Christmas story this year. Miller however cried the entire trip. And Noah kept asking if Jesus had our Christmas Tree. I am really trying to get the true reason of Christmas across but sometimes things get really mixed up. At Lowes Adam
picked the first one he saw. Really he did. I guess it worked out okay.

We are decorating our tree tonight and decorating gingerbread cookies. My mom has this picture of Emily probably at age four almost drooling over a gingerbread house. It's one of my favorites. One day maybe I'll be brave enough to do a whole house. For now I will stick to men. The adorable farm we went to for the Pumpkin Patch does a Christmas Tree farm. I hope we can make that our new tradition next year. Sorry Lowes but this might have been our last tree. I am loving how excited Noah is this year. Every new decoration I put up is a delight. Every Advent tree turned over is awesome. I want to have that fresh child like discovery of the life and world God has designed for me. I hope my heart will look at each new thing as an amazing gift.

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